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meet the owner: ''Tan''

My name is Tanyech Yarbrough, affectionately known as “Tan.” As the proud owner of Wah Gwan Jamaican and Nigerian Restaurant, I blend the vibrant flavors of both cultures to create a culinary experience that transcends borders. Let me share my journey with you:

🌴 From Jamaica to Brooklyn: Born in Jamaica and raised amidst the bustling streets of Brooklyn, New York, I absorbed the rich tapestry of both worlds. The rhythm of reggae and the pulse of the city shaped my spirit.

💼 A Corporate Crossroads: In 2019, I stood at a crossroads. The corporate world had rewarded me with a comfortable six-figure salary, yet my soul yearned for more. The pursuit of profit alone left me unfulfilled. I craved authenticity, purpose, and connection.

🍽️ Wah Gwan: A Culinary Revolution: In 2020, I took a leap of faith. Wah Gwan emerged—a beacon of flavor, culture, and community. Our mission? To erase the once-dividing line on Troost Avenue. Here’s how we do it:

Authenticity on Every Plate:

Our food speaks the truth. Each dish carries the essence of Jamaica and Nigeria—the spices, the stories, the love. Guests savor jerk chicken, jollof rice, and plantains—the very soul of our heritage.

Educating Through Flavor:

Wah Gwan isn’t just about meals; it’s an education. We teach our guests about our roots, our traditions, and the beauty of diversity. With every bite, they learn about the resilience of our people and the joy found in breaking bread together.

Service with Soul:

Our tables aren’t just for dining; they’re for communion. We serve with warmth, respect, and a genuine smile. Whether it’s a family celebration or a quiet moment alone, Wah Gwan becomes a home away from home.

Community Builders:

Beyond the kitchen, we build bridges. We mentor aspiring chefs, support local artists, and uplift our neighbors. Wah Gwan isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a hub of inspiration and empowerment. 🌟 Join Our Table: So why should anyone be led by me? Because I’ve tasted the bittersweet symphony of co.